Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 50 Where the white women at?

Work with only white materials.
Seeing as that our one game took over three hours I had to be creative in what I would document as my project today.  So I give you game night with my white friends/family!
Quelf!  The most ridiculous game on the planet.  Danny had to put someone else's sock on his hand and make a sock puppet.  His name was Chester!  Josh and Cam hammin it up for the camera.

Chester + Josh = TRUE LOVE!

I had to stick a piece of paper to my forehead that said Quelf and leave it there the whole game.

Mummy Jeff!

Danny was not very pleased when he had to make a fort and sit under it until his next turn.

Such a great night!  This is certainly only a game for close friends and people that aren't afraid to make fun of themselves.  I really do have the best chosen family in the world.  Good night goon!

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