Wednesday, February 9, 2011

day 40 go shorty, it's my birthday....

Woooo hooooo! I have made it another year on this planet.  The ripe old age of 33 and I am still feeling like a kid.  My cousin Kimi took me out to lunch and we had fun gossiping and eating CHEESECAKE!  School was the main order of the day but tomorrow is the big celebration with all of the friends.  Some people get sad when they realize they are getting older.  Me?  I know that I'm just getting wiser.

Work with yarn.

Seeing as that I don't have any yarn I have to do a bit of interpretation.  How about I SPIN a yarn!

This one time I was drinking on the roof of a building and the cops came.  I had to run but there was nowhere to go.  I jumped off the roof and landed on my feet because I have cat like reflexes.  The grass was wet so I slipped and went under a bridge and fell in a river.  The current was so strong and it took me ten miles downstream.  The cops sent dogs after me so I hid underwater using a reed to breathe.  I waited for three hours until they gave up.  When I was able to get out of the water I luckily found a bike and was able to ride to safety. Whew!  Man, do I have good luck or what?

Ok, this yarn makes absolutely ZERO sense but I had a friend in high school that told us this story once.  We used to say he told "Tall Stories" not "Tall Tales" because he never got details right.  Hey, it's my birthday, cut me some slack. :P


  1. Happy Birthday!
    That reminds me of the stories one of my friends used to tell me when he was high. haha ;)