Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 38 If all Mondays were like this I'd want them seven days a week!

Pilates in the morning, lunch with Kimi at Mitsuwa, book shopping at Book Off, fancy kawaii nails at Atlas, and a reeeeeeally interesting microbiology class. Not to mention snuggle time with my Danny after this.  Ahhhhh, if everyday could be just like this!
Work underwater.
Is it just a simple vase with some glass beads in it?

OR is it really hiding a pretty flower?  This was a lot harder to do than it looks.  The damned beads kept shifting around.

My right hand.  Look! The skull even has eyelashes!!!!

The left hand.  Art done by the AMAZING Ayano at Atlas Nails in Costa Mesa, CA.  Happy early birthday to meeeeeee! (The kawaii nails were my birthday treat to myself.)

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