Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 33 Round one, FIGHT!!!!!

My first "week" of school is done and I'm feeling great about it!  We even got to do our first experiment in microbiology (gathering samples to grow bacteria.)  In my excitement of starting my workout regimen and getting my last science class started I wanted to go out with the boys.  We planned on going to see "The Fighter" but Jeff wasn't feeling too well.  Instead we got food and hung at the casa.
Use pens as your material/inspiration today.
A boxing ring made out of Bic pens complete with Bic boxers.

Green trunks won!!!! Don King was even there to present him with his heavyweight belt. (Belt, shorts, and Mr. King courtesy of Danny.)

 This post brought to you courtesy of Bic.  The company for all of your writing and fire setting needs.

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