Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life has interrupted my craft....

I haven't given up on my project I just have been having some hardcore "life" stuff going on.  Don't fret my pets, I'm gonna do a huge catch up day in the next few days and rock out everything I've missed.  I love this project and "The Book" and am excited to get back to it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 69 Giggle, Giggle

I went to lunch with Killah Bea and did some Sprouts shopping this afternoon.  Even had a good evening with ms Nicole and mr Geoff.  TV party alright!  The cherry on top of today is that I purchased Ruby's plane ticket so she can be here for the last Perversion at the Ruby.  AHHHHHH, memories! Those Hollywood clubbing days were grand.  It'll be nice to share the last one with my Sisterwife and all of the other old school ECE peeps.
Make a puzzle
Can you tell what the picture is?
Why it's Oogie Boogie of course!  Lemme tell ya, putting this back together was no picnic.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 68 Awww mannn!

I forgot to read ahead and didn't realize what today's project was.  I started it but there is no way it's gonna be ready by the time I go to bed.  Here is a "work in progress" shot for ya though.
Create something with papier mache.
Obviously, it's gonna be a hand.  What kind of hand is the question.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

67 Syfy!!!!

Write a ten word science fiction story.
She was right. The Pugs were definitely from another planet!

Ok, back to the books!

Day 66 EPIC fail!

Go grocery shopping and pick up something new to work with.
Fail one... I couldn't make it to the market, I had school and studying alllllllll day.
Fail two... My "project wasn't dry by the time I went to bed last night so I* am a day late AGAIN!
Fail three...I tried to make a flower and it didn't work.
Stupid coffee filters colored with food coloring in a heap.

Day 65 Tangram

Work with only the classic tangram shapes.
My face kind of looks like a gnome to me.  This was harder to make a design out of than you'd think!

I started my project for today but it's still not ready.  Hopefully I'll get it done before I fall asleep.  It was weighing on my head so heavily that I missed my projects for a few days.  

Day 64 Self Portrait

It's all about you.  Incorporate yourself into whatever you make.
A self portrait that I took in the bathroom at 4 AM in the bathroom at Mandalay Bay.