Thursday, March 3, 2011

Days 61 and 62 whoops!

yes, I missed a day again but I have a valid excuse.  Yesterday was the eight year anniversary of my Moms death.  On top of the emotional turmoil of the day I had a microbiology exam.  I studied all day and rocked the written part but bombed the practicum.  Today is a new day and I did both projects.  Onwards and upwards I say!
 Day 61
Use only things you find around the bathroom to create something.
A face made out of toilet paper rolls, q tips, and medical tape.  Luckily I keep a pair of scissors in the bathroom.

 Day 62
Make something with your dinner before you eat it.
It's a happy face kinda day!

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  1. Your dinner looks like two people holding hands to me