Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4

Today was a laundry kind of day so I wasn't able to do my project until a little bit ago.  Got nice and full and took a little stroll around the apartment complex.  I didn't post right away because the jacuzzi was calling our name on the way home.  Ahhhh, nice and relaxed and about to watch Southland.
"Take a five-minute walk, then make something using whatever materials are available where you've ended up. Leave it there for someone else to discover, but be sure to document it first!"
My boyfriend Danny and I found some flowers and cut some branches off of the Man Eating Plant by our old place.  It's pretty cold out so we didn't make anything too crazy. Just a waving hand and a good morning message for whoever goes to do their laundry tomorrow.  I hope it puts a smile on someones face. :)

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